December 14, 2009

Title Picture

Since one of the main reasons behind making this blog is to talk about how and why I took some of my pictures, it would probably be appropriate to talk about the picture up at the top of the page.

It's a fairly simple shot, a self-portrait in a mirror, it just requires some equipment. I didn't originally have this picture in mind when I started taking pictures that night. I was just playing with my newly acquired SC-28. What is the SC-28 you ask? The curly cord that goes from my camera to my flash is. Since my camera doesn't have a wireless transmitter built in I am limited to this cord. This can help in making lots of awesome pictures since it allows you to have very controllable light from a direction other than where the camera is.

This can allow you to leave the background dark and the subject lit.

Or, it can light up the background and silhouette the subject enough to hide their identity.

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